05 August 2011

Katsumi Hayakawa
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28 July 2011

20 July 2011

Construction detail, east wall, xerox, 1821 dyer road, Santa Ana, California 1970s

Lewis Baltz
via minimal exposition

18 July 2011

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07 July 2011

Beth Hoeckel

29 June 2011

Marcel Kaczmarek

22 June 2011


27 May 2011

24 May 2011


19 May 2011


17 May 2011

Fiss (top) and Sample from Rui Alves. Clean.

15 May 2011


02 May 2011


I'm about due for a trip somewhere, how about you?

20 April 2011

Evil Goods Underground

13 April 2011


If you're in Mallorca: Yago Hortal via ®Nova, reminiscent of Gerhard Richter mixed with some sort of hallucinogen.

05 April 2011

Fionn McCabe via Booooooom!

01 April 2011


Magali Jeambrun
furniture design
Art Direction and Photography
with Véronique Pêcheux

A is a name is Parisians Simon Renaud and Jérémie Nuel and they have a semi-schizophrenic site with some very cool work on it.
via The Strange Attractor

28 March 2011

Clean stuff from Silence Television and BikeEXIF

27 March 2011

Botox Cloud from SAQ: The installation uses design as a medium through which the complexities of the surrounding world could be comprehended. In this project, the complexities of the weather are demonstrated through the abstracted composition of the paper models, which consist the 'BotoxCloud'.

In collaboration with Zirkumflex, SAQ will publish a limited edition cut and fold print of the paper models used in the installation. This limited edition is made of two abstract paper models, which can be constructed individually or combined in various connections, both large and small, capturing the light like clouds on a sunny day.

From January 28 until February 26, 2011
daily from 2-7 pm.
Fontanestraße 25, 12049 Berlin, Germany

24 March 2011

Mike Giant gets all zen. The man is in no rush, except for when he is.
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